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40e Rencontres Photos d’Arles

July 24th, 2009


It been a long time I didn’t post, sorry for the followers! So, I went to Arles for the 40th Rencontres Photographiques, and it was great! I never saw so much photogs in the same place… it was funny, everybody looking one another DSLRs, I think I was seen as a worth-one with the 5DMkII… Only the Leicas were looking everyone with some sort of disdain, hmm okay, just a joke!
I enjoyed very much the conference of Martin Parr, a very simple and well humoured man with great talent. I loved the Duane Michals exhibit and also Eugene Richard new work in color, well and so many others (don’t have the list with me).
I had the chance to meet some cool guys and been introduced to the “underground” festival, or maybe we can call it the off-off-festival: Eric and Cyrille (les Tordeurs de Cuillères – culinar events) and all their kind friends, so it happened that I participae in a collective exhibit during the “Nuit de la Roquette” on 9th of July.  Wow.

Here is a small selection of the festival. I’ll upload more when I get back home.

I’m currently in the Gorges du Verdon, the biggest canyon in Europe. While waiting for a friend to go free climbing on these fantastic cliffs, I’m shooting landscapes of course, and also on location pics for a music CD for friends. I’ll try to post some pics very soon.

***EDIT 21/08***
The “small” selection grew, it’s now 177 pics from Arles you’ll have (for the same price) !
When I came back to Brussels, I went to see what was the problem with my iMac, doctor said it was the MB, as it was just a bit more expensive to get one of these new MacBookPro 13″, –which I dreamed of during the summer while trying to sort my (heavy RAW) pics on an old PC–, so here it is, I’ve now got one! Now just a bit more patience, as I sort the rest of my (too) numerous pics from the Verdon, cuban concert in Bayamo Festival, also some during a rehearsal of Aconchamarina, my godmother little band… Thanks!

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