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Rouge Festival

April 2nd, 2009

Last Sunday (28/03/09), the Socialist party organised a meeting which was followed by an afternoon of concerts and animations just by the Place Flagey in Brussels. I’m really not in politics but I have to say they’re good to organize events! And with luck, the weather was sunny, which helped to gather people…

Elio Di Rupo, the Socialist party president, opened the meeting, and other political celebrities such as Nyrup Rasmussen, Martine Aubry, Jean-Claude Marcourt… (didn’t memorized them all) made short appearences between the performances.

I had the pleasure to see my former capoeira instructor, Bras, who was there with his Bloco Sampoeira, a mix of capoeira and samba music, with all the drums. I also came to know the Don Fiasko, a Balkans electro brass-band… Not sure they came for the Balkans, but their music definitely ! Both made people jump and laugh! I unfortunately couldn’t stay to see Marka and Laurence Bigot’s “Monsieur et Madame” performance… Next time!

So, if you want to see the pictures in larger size, just go on my homepage!

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Brussels first Balloon Day Parade

March 1st, 2009
Brussels First Balloon Day Parade

Brussels First Balloon Day Parade

Yesterday, on Saturday 28th of February 2009, took place the first Balloon Day Parade in Brussels! According to Wikipedia, the first Balloon Parade took place in New York in 1924, an initiative from Macy’s Department Store employees, who were first generation immigrants. They wanted to celebrate US holiday of Thanksgiving with the kind of festival their parents had in Europe.
Live animals borrowed at Central Park Zoo were replaced with large anima-shaped balloons in 1927’s edition, and this was also the first apparition of Felix the Cat. That’s for history…
Here in Brussels, it was the first edition with about 16 balloons, from crocodile or dinosaur to Spirou, Smurfs or Agent 212, a typical belgian policeman from a comic strip… The parade was also followed by fanfare, as it should be. It went from South train station to North train station, the usual parcours for parades and demonstrations. Unfortunately for us photographers, the sun in front of us, which is never easy to shoot, even with a flash (which I urgently need to master by the way!).
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