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Brussels “Nuit Blanche”

October 5th, 2009


The Nuit Blanche concept

Nuit Blanche (which means “sleepless night” or “white night” in French), is a cultural event that is both artistic and popular. This eighth edition of the event aims at (re)discovering or (re)conquering this urban environment from a new perspective. It is a night to get together, to share unusual (…)

Nuit Blanche throughout the world…

Other cities worldwide are organising their own Nuit Blanche or White Night, and the list keeps getting longer… Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Lisbon, New York, Toronto, Naples, Montreal.

…in Europe

The concept was born in Paris in 2002, with an intention to open up the City to the world of the night, and the idea quickly spread. Today, Rome, Madrid, Riga, Paris, Bucharest and Brussels have set up a Nuit Blanche Europe network. Six capitals work together to promote the influence and development of this initiative via artistic exchanges, and they have defined a joint vision of the event by drafting…

So, everything is said, isn’t it?! If you want to know more about this interesting concept, here is the official belgian website!
Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so great, it was windy, rainy and chilly… but stop complain; it’s not everyday that one can have an art display for free :P

Oh, and here are my two –photographic– cents gallery.

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Fête de l’Iris 2009

May 13th, 2009

The annual festival of the city, the “Fête de l’Iris” ran last week-end and fortunately the sun also came! There are animations everywhere between Place Royale and Grand Place… It seemed to me it was more colored this year, or maybe just an illusion?
I couldn’t stay very long but here are some images…

f/5, 1/1000s, at 75mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Costumed guys on stilts were circling around...

And well, there was a good ambiance at the Mont des Arts, just below the Place Royale, so I mainly stayed there…
I also stayed a while with the skaters, and I was happy to have a strobe and a 20mm 2,8 with me, which permitted to stay close to the action!

Skating party

Skating party

Here is the Fête de l’Iris gallery and the skaters party gallery.

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