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Street art – Festival de Chassepierre

September 1st, 2009

Festival de Chassepierre
I went to the 35th edition of Chassepierre street art festival on Sunday 23 of August. Great sunny day! Chassepierre is a small village near Florenville, in the Gaume, South-East, near Luxemburg. There was so many things to see, about 237 artists and 30,000 people during the all week-end! It’s quite a well-known festival, normal for a 35th edition you might say!
I enjoyed most of the shows I’ve seen, and it was a challenge to see all I wanted to see without stressing and still enjoying the sunny day… At night, after a good pancake filled with cheese, egg, tomatos and ham, we discovered Sonny and his Wild Cows, a genuine rockabilly band better known in Hungary –their homeland– as “Mister Rythm ‘n Blues”, they rocked the place as hell, it was so fun!
You can visit the official site here, my pictures here and a tighter edit here.

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Valentine’s Knokke

February 15th, 2009
On Valentine's evening at Knokke, belgian coast

On Valentine's evening at Knokke, belgian coast

As the weather was sunny, I went saturday afternoon to Knokke, on the belgian coast, for a little photo session.
I was shooting long exposures of the sea after sunset when I heard some explosions. It was fireworks for Valentine’s day (or night).
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